by Mimøs

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released October 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Mimøs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mimos: (Addison, Charles, and Carlos) all met in college but didn't begin playing music together until 2012. Conjuring and channeling sublimity is their intention. The music veers from entrancing patterns that build and crash explosively through a mix of styles; folk, blues and stark, ethereal effects. As such, the songs lyrically approach themes of connection, joy, sacrifice and loss. ... more

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Track Name: Shallows
Old friend can you take us in
We are now finally listening
And we're out here
Getting so spread thin
Can you take us in?

So dig me out
From the ashes of my youth
I'll do anything
Just for a reminder of the truth
Is it you?

Can you tide me over?
When I'm coming down?
Track Name: Together
I never wanted
Any trouble of any kind
But for you I'd change my mind
My mind

And it's such a long road
Back home
Oh you don't have
To go alone

And as we rise
Feel the mute thunder blooming in your crown
And before you die
Won't you stop to think how you could save
All your darlings
Before they drown

Turn your
Kitchen into a dancehall
I want to see this empire fall
Track Name: St. Albans
I've never prayed
To you before
It's been a long time
Suppose it's not too late to start

Little phantoms
Swimming in the dark
With no lanterns
Against the channel
Oh take heart
Track Name: Afterlife
When we die
Is that all?
One short life
Then the fall?

I'm not afraid
To go
Before I do
Won't you tell me about the afterlife?

I will pray
I will sing
I'll do anything
Just for a glimpse
A sign
Of anything divine

I know you've got your doubts, yes
Your doubts about
Doubts about
An afterlife
Track Name: Mojo Jojo
And I'm up on
Your rooftop
Sweating out
Every drop
Because I cannot take
Waking just to watch you disappear
Oh I really got to shake
This old fever dream that makes me think
You're still here
You're not here, no, no

And all that's left
Are your steady addictions
Try to let them go
But something never listens

And so I go on
Possessed by your ghost
Invisible ties
They bind tighter than most

Oh I am not sure
Should you cut this rope
If you're not sure
Then let me go
Track Name: Greenbelt
Is it going to start tonight?
Is it going to start tonight?
And I was holding out for
For you to show the way
One to get us out the door
Another when we reach the road
So be brave young soul
Because you've done this before

And I've got the purest of intentions
Is it good enough, is it good enough?
Hey Sophia, I will follow you down
I will follow you down because no one else around knows

To be sure of
One thing the way that I
I'm so sure about you

Time stands still
Silence kills
There are signs of life
So just wait for the light
Track Name: Poor Mama
Poor mama
Buried her the other day
Poor mama
Wasn't no place to lay

Poor papa
You know he miss her every day
Bad papa
Why'd you run away?

Poor sister
Got all them kids to raise
Oh my sister
You're too young to go grey

Preacher, preacher
Was it that you say?
"Oh my children
"Come on down to pray
"We're going down the river
"Down the river today
"Down the river, down the river, down the river way"

Bad water
Drink up all my land
Deep water
Ain't no place to stand
So see you later
I guess I'm going for a swim
See you later I guess
I'm gonna dive right in

Pick up the pieces
It ain't easy
Go on young one
You're no one's fool
And she's moved on
Yes, she's moved, yeah she's moved on
So long